Slide 1 - Olympic Web Suburban Bliss
Slide 1 - Olympic Web Suburban Bliss
Slide 2 - Olympic Web Rugged Beauty
Slide 3 - Olympic Web Natural Elegance
Slide 4 - Olympic Web Ultimate Shine
Slide 5 - Olympic Web Plush Coat
Slide 6 - Olympic Web Fibre Restore

Olympic Paints – Luxury You Can Afford

We are proud to be a South African Paint manufacturer since 1981. We manufacture and supply superior quality paint products together with budget-line paint products depending on specific market needs.

For more than 36 years we have developed and supplied decorative and industrial coatings to serve varying industry needs such as building contractors, office environments, households and the steel industry. Our product range includes primers, undercoats, finish coats, varnishes, putty, waterproofing sealers and industrial cleaners.

With our wide product range we compliment various painting requirements from your large professional projects to your small D.I.Y. projects. Read more about Olympic Paints…

Product Range