Mandela Day 2017

Every year on the 18th of July Mandela Day is celebrated. On this day we get an opportunity to do good for the community and the underprivileged. This year on Mandela day Olympic Paints, BAPS Charities and Areef Security joined hands in making a difference at the Global Relief Welfare Services School in Lawley as well as the Moses Maren Mission home in Olifantsvlei.

The Global relief welfare services is a non-profit organization that runs 2 schools in Lenasia and Lawley. A total of 130 children are given free education in these schools. The school that is located in Lawley was faced with a roof leakage. New windows were needed at the front and the outer walls also required repainting. The trio team of Olympic Paints, BAPS Charities and Areef Security refurbished the entire roof, repainted the walls and provided new windows for the front. On the day all children that attend the school were also given food, schoolbags, stationary sets, notebooks and snacks. The chairperson of the foundation was very grateful to Olympic Paints, BAPS Charities and Areef Security for the work done at the Lawley School. The uplift has given a complete new look to the school and students will be able to further their studies without the worry of water leaks and cold winds.

The Moses Maren Mission in Olifantsvlei is another non-profit organization that needed assistance. Due to a non-functional kitchen as well as beds that were completely broken, the mission was unable to help more underprivileged children. Olympic Paints assisted by completely refurbishing the kitchen with a new stove, counter tops, cabinets and lights. The boys’ bedroom was also refurbished with beds as well as a new geyser. In this project Olympic Paints was kindly assisted by Mr Imtiaz(electrician), Mr Vincent(Carpenter) and Mr Max(Plumber). Sister Nicole, who is the current caretaker of the Moses Maren Mission home. The home was extremely grateful for all the work done. She mentions that now she will be able to accommodate 21 more children and make a difference in their lives.